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O   I   L         P   A   I   N   T   I   N   G   S


My art tells my story. It's a story of my world, of my thoughts and emotions entwined in an internal dialogue. And some of it can be expressed only through painting.
It is incredible, how fairy-tales I heard once-upon-a-time, in my childhood actually influenced my life and defined who I am. As an adult, I still believe in happy endings and that good will prevail.
The Enchanted Pencil is one of the stories I remember very clearly. This special pencil could materialize anything drawn, such as doors that lead to any place imaginable. I realized this story has become hardwired in me. And now my paintings are those doors. Doors that lead me to my own world of peace and harmony. A world where dragons, wyverns, basilisks and dwarfs roam free. Where life has a deeper meaning which I do not yet comprehend but searching for this meaning

is a fascinating process.


The painting process will likely begin before you realize you want to do it. However, taking it purely technically ... Here is plywood. A few layers of primer.

I start with a sketch and then work with oil paints starting with the subtle valors.

Light is probably the most important element of my research.

However, it is also true that the deeper the shadow, the brighter the light is. Possibly it is about looking for a balance.

From a technical point of view, I find light by removing layers applied during the work. I've found out that the most beautiful effects appear when light is recovered from a white background instead of applying white paint.

There is something of a searching in this process.
What am I looking for?

There is something of a searching in this process.

What am I looking for?

There is something of a searching in this process.

What am I looking for?


Lidia Wylangowska, a native of Poland, lives and works in U.S., Illinois with her husband, Christopher  since 1993.   She works mainly in portraiture and figurative oil painting. While her artistically expressed stories revolve around personal exploration of her internal and external worlds and their wonders, imagination and meanings, her pieces allow viewers to interpret for themselves. 

Her distinctive, dynamic artworks display a wide variety of themes and moods; executed in muted, neutral colors, dramatic contrasts are created with vibrant hues or tones that are layered over lacy, vegetal, and textural relief patterns. This combination of realism and abstraction that plays across the surface of her pieces, imbues them with a sense of the merging of internal and external possibilities. 

Lidia has developed her own visual vocabulary and inimitable style as an autodidact. Her distinctive personal style emanates a spectrum of human nature. 

Her artwork is included in numerous private art collections throughout the U.S. and internationally.

She has also created many commissioned works of art.

O  I  L     P  A  I  N  T  I  N  G  S   
b y    L i d i a   W y l a n g o w s k a
Art is love made visible...

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