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O   I   L         P   A   I   N   T   I   N   G   S

Commission an unique piece of art that represents You.



Step 1 – Scope Discussion

Give me a call, text or email me and let’s discuss your budget,  and your vision  ie… formal, informal, mood, setting, clothing, size of the painting, number of people etc.


Step 2 – Photo Session

Before locking in details, schedule a photo session with me. I always offer my assistance in choosing the setting, wardrobe, pose, and lighting for the subject of the painting. My portrait photo sessions is free, if local. I can also work with your photos. Preferably, a close up.


Step 3 – Finalize Portrait Details | Price

Next, once we agree on the size, price, the details, we sign proposal. My price for a completed portrait painting usually falls between $2000 and $7000 depending on size and complexity of the work. I take a deposit to cover the cost of time and materials. At this point, I can get started. 


Step 4 – Completion & Delivery

Upon completion of the painting (usually up to 4 months depending on complexity),  balance is due in full prior to delivery/shipping. Your portrait can be shipped, delivered, or picked up at my studio. Below are examples of the sizes and the price range.


36"x80"...  $7000


36"x72".. ..$6800 

36"x60"...  $6500


36"x48"...  $6300

36"x44"...  $6000

36"x40"...  $5800

36"x36"...  $5700







O  I  L     P  A  I  N  T  I  N  G  S   
b y    L i d i a   W y l a n g o w s k a
Art is love made visible...

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