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Original oil painting by Lidia Wylangowska 

title:"Aria of the Soul"

size: 24"x80" (91.5 cm x 60.96 cm)

material: oil on engineered wood, hanging hardware is included.

catalog number:#146

available as a PRINT


This painting was created as a result of the search for ways to express thoughts and feelings with body language. Without words. Just like women dancing flamenco do. I asked the model to tell a story and she did it beautifully.

For some reason, not necessarily explainable, I asked to keep this pose. The woman is very expressive in a gesture of covering her face. There is a secret here, something that the viewer has no access to and I think it should stay that way, because what really matters is why a given image makes you want to stay with it. Look. Contemplate.

And this is perhaps the most beautiful part of practicing art of painting. This subtle space expressed in a universal language that can awaken deeply hidden longings and secrets. Joy, passion, nostalgia, longing, love, friendship, helplessness, sadness, hope ... all those feelings that may have been hidden somewhere deep in the soul because we thought they were interfering with life.

Perhaps something important for us, hidden right here in the structure of the painting.

#146 "Aria of the Soul" original oil painting/SOLD


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