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When a friend asks you to portray him..

"Drop of Soul"/ "Kropla Duszy", 2023, 32"x24", oil on wood

private collector/ not available

...czasem w jednym spojrzeniu kroplę duszy widać.

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Jul 06, 2023

Thank you for your comment, Lukasz


Łukasz Oganowski
Łukasz Oganowski
Jul 03, 2023

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, in my opinion, from them you can read a lot about a person. You can hide behind clothes, hairstyle, hat, etc. while the eyes tell the truth about us, and it is usually a barometer of love - whether there is this feeling in a person, or maybe longing and sometimes this much love will kill you - when we want to bestow the whole world. And it is said that the most important of loves is the one to oneself - the most difficult one. Łukasz


O  I  L     P  A  I  N  T  I  N  G  S   
b y    L i d i a   W y l a n g o w s k a
Art is love made visible...

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